Konzert 29.06.2019

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Tristan Schmidt Trio
29. Juni 2019 um 20Uhr

Tristan Schmidt — Klavier
Francisco Nogueira — Bass
Timo Menkveld — Schlagzeug

An ensemble from Holland with motivated, energetic musicians who play their own compositions as well as bebop and ballads.

These three musicians play together in their own exciting and fun way of making improvised jazz music. Their individual messages in music come out in a dynamic way and can be influenced by the others all the time which leads their music into a kind of adventure which is fun and exciting for the listener.
They regard the public as the musicians they miss when having a rehearsal or private jam. There is always something special happening when playing live on stage when there are people to share emotions with in music. Besides that, the public is one of the most important aspects of their development in trusting each other and the moment. This band is not well known yet and comes from a kind of underground jazz scene. For them it’s about living for the music instead of for the money and pressure of this modern society.
Their performences contain heavy emotional moments wich they share with the audience by trusting the way the music is developing. Besides energetic bebop classics, ballads and own compositions are being played. If there are any questions for them to be answered, the music will give the answer in her own sweet way.
Although the trio is experimenting a lot with free jazz, modern genres, tough arrangements and own compositions, this band currently has it’s focus on the romantic American standard repertoire, totally improvsed and played in the moment without too many rules or expectations.
The coming visit to Berlin is an extra special one for the bass player William Barrett, who lived a part of his life in this enspiring city full of culturul development.

youtube: Days of wine and roses (Live)


Eintritt: 7,–– €uro bis 15,–– €uro
Reservierung: 030 / 56 82 89 31

Rixdorfer Jazzsalon
in der Galerie bauchhund salonlabor
Schudomastr. 38, 12055 Berlin⁄Rixdorf
S–Bahn Sonnenallee ⁄ Bus M41 bis Mareschstraße





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