Konzert 22.02.2017



TURNBULLS — feat. Stefan Schultze
Josefine Turnbull stimme
Mike Turnbull kalimba, berimbao, percussion, fx
Joss Turnbull zurkhane, percussion, fx, sampling
feat. Stefan Schultze piano, prepared piano
22.02.2017 – 20Uhr

Mike and Joss Turnbull are both sought-after percussionists for concerts on international stages. Born and bred in the north English harbour Liverpool the half Scottish half English Mike Turnbull has made Germany the centre point of his life since the mid–eighties where he, amongst other things, teaches hand percussion on Hochschule für Musik, Detmold.

Over the years Joss Turnbull has developed his own percussionlanguage with drums of the near East, electronics and preparation objects. Joss often played duo concerts with his father Mike in his early years but it took until 2015 for the trio TURNBULLS with the third member of the family, Josefine Turnbull, to be formed.
The trio has shown itself to be something far different from what one would normally expect from a family band. Meaningful lyrics sung by Josefine´s clear and graceful voice are woven into an unusually sensitive and multi-dimensional sound. Pulsating percussion, electro–acoustic effects and raw grooves meet her floating voice. The rare instrumentation of percussion and vocals together with the personal line–up of father, daughter and son help to make this band unique. A chamber music experiment somewhere between Nujazz and Minimal–Pop that gets under the skin. Joss, Josefine and Mike Turnbull show with their Debut-CD „TURNBULLS” an innovative and sensitive use of lyrics, sound and song structure:
A music full dreamlike beauty and addictive strangeness.

Link: soundcloud.com/turnbulls
Eintritt: 5,–– €uro bis 10,–– €uro
Reservierung: 030 / 56 82 89 31


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Fotos: HD Seibt, 2017