Konzert 29.04.2017



Record Release Concert
Luc Houtkamp tenor saxophone, clarinet
Hannes Buder electric guitar
29.04.2017 – 20Uhr

Luc Houtkamp (born 1953 in Den Haag) is a composer who bridges the gap between different worlds of music.

Having a background in jazz & improvised music as a saxophone player, his musical goal is to establish a continuum between improvisation and composition in which the difference between the two dissolves. With the aid of computers and live electronics as well as various forms of music notation his compositions are highly personal in both sound and concept. Stylistic freedom is not a post-–modern cliché, but based on his belief that musical style is secondary in importance and they′re to serve the expressive quality of the music itself. His main interest in his pieces is the way in which the musicians play together, and how this can be directed by means of composition and the use of computers.
After a long–standing career as an improvising musician, Houtkamp established his own POW Ensemble in 2002. Being a flexible unit of musicians with musical backgrounds in jazz, rock, electronic and contemporary music, it soon became the ideal body for the performance of his own composition.
„(…) In many of his projects, Houtkamp′s main goal has been to create music that is essentially improvised but nonetheless gives an almost symphonic feel of being through–composed, with themes, counter–subjects, variations and other traditional formal constructs. And although he professes admiration for many Jazz musicians, the traditional structure of Jazz performances, with improvised variations sandwiched between opening and closing statements of the theme, is something Houtkamp has always strongly disliked. So, rather than putting improvised and composed structures side by side, it is the act of smelting them together that excites Houtkamp, who is more than happy to get his fingers metaphorically very dirty in the musical melding and formal moulding of his materials. This combination of rigour and flexibility has proven central to the formation of Houtkamp′s creative personality and distinctive compositional voice. For Houtkamp, cultural and personal identity is fluid, finding power in change. But what is exciting about the music he makes is that this change does not take place without resistance; without jagged juxtapositions, musical anomalies and moments of surreal humour acting as counterweights to the unifying musical forces Houtkamp is constantly searching out.“
(Alwynne Pritchard, fall 2011)

Hannes Buder (born 1978 in the former GDR) is a musician,
improviser and composer in the field of experimental music.
His works concentrate on issues of movement, authenticity, intuition, minimalism, density and slowness.
Buder′s current projects include the bands ‘Zug Zug’ with Todd Capp and Andrew Lafkas, ‘Gravity’ with Hannes Lingens and Andrew Lafkas, the duo with Luc Houtkamp and his solo project. Beyond that he has collaborated with Audrey Chen, Tony Buck, Audrey Lauro, Hilary Jeffery, Mike Majkowski, Matthias Bauer, Steve Heather, the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra and many others. Hannes Buder&primes Solo recordings include “changes” (2000), “dunkelbunt&lrdquo; (2004), “openyoureyescloseyoureyes” (2006) and “changes II” (2015). He performed concerts in Europe, Australia and in the USA.
Buder has also composed, improvised and recorded music for different dance (Oxana Chi, Judith Sanchez Ruìz), theater (Jörg Mihan, Johannes Maria Schmit) and film projects (Barbara Lubich, Annick Gaudreault). He&primes been working temporarily as a teacher⁄workshop leader at different festivals, music schools and with prisoners in jail. He studied guitar at the Carl Maria von Weber Conservatory in Dresden and the Franz Liszt Conservatory in Weimar.
“… wonderfully balanced sound–art, versatile, lively and uncompromising in its musical character.”
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 26.5.2009)

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Fotos: HD Seibt, 2017