Konzert 19.10.2019


Jorge Torrecillas Ensamble
from Buenos Aires, Argentina   19. Oktober 2019 um 20Uhr

JORGE OSVALDO TORRECILLAS — tenor, alto sax and composition
PABLO MIGUEL VAZQUEZ — contrabass, electronics
NICOLAS INTI SABEV GORGA — clarinet and bass clarinet

special guest: HUI CHUN LIN — cello


This group, which was established in mid–2011, was born with the aim of experimenting new timbral and rhythmic possibilities from established patterns where forms of contemporary jazz, avant–garde and collective improvisation are fused based on own compositions.The counterpoint and the polytonality and polymodality resources are part of these compositions as well as serial music. It is emphasized that although these resources are typical of avant-garde non-jazz music, they are mixed in the Ensemble with the use of jazz ‘grooves’.

Free improvisation is also part of the interpretations, leaving in the skill and in the intuition of the musicians the creation of improvised sections and arrangements.

Publications: Indigo (2013) independient production, Una búsqueda infinita (2017), Discordian Records(Barcelona)

They usually perform in Argentina (Buenos Aires and beyond jazz ⁄ impro venues and Festivals) and Uruguay. They also have toured Spain in 2017 in Barcelona (Robadors23, Soda Acustic, Sinestesia Bar and Big Bang) and Madrid (Ciclo Raras Musicas)

YouTube:  jorge torrecillas
Eintritt: 7,–– €uro bis 15,–– €uro
Reservierung: 030 / 56 82 89 31

Rixdorfer Jazzsalon
in der Galerie bauchhund salonlabor

Schudomastr. 38, 12055 Berlin⁄Rixdorf
S–Bahn Sonnenallee ⁄ Bus M41 bis Mareschstraße


Fotos: HD Seibt, 2019