Konzert 15.02.2018

Photo von Jan Roder by Walter Ulreich
Simon Rose — Baritonsaxophon & Altsaxophon
Stefan Schultze — präpariertes Klavier
Jan Roder — Bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen — Drums
15. Februar 2018 — 20 Uhr
Eintritt: 5,–– €uro, bis 10,–– €uro und gerne mehr…
Reservierung: 030 / 56 82 89 31


Since meeting (at Ausland) in 2012 Schultze and Rose have combined their respective practices in composition and free improvisation in performances in Berlin, Cologne, London and Liverpool. Together they explore the openness and potential offered by piano preparations & extended saxophone techniques (their CD: ‘The Ten Thousand Things’ is due in 2015). Together with Dag Magnus Narveson and Jan Roder they will expand their collaboration to allow for the emergence of new areas and developments.

Rixdorfer Jazzsalon
in der Galerie bauchhund salonlabor
Schudomastr. 38, 12055 Berlin⁄Rixdorf
S-Bahn Sonnenallee ⁄ Bus M41 bis Mareschstraße



Fotos: HD Seibt, 2018